What other important stuff should I know about PEP?

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Asking for something like PEP can be awkward but it’s important to remember that taking PEP is about taking responsibility for your own health and nothing to feel ashamed about.

Sometimes hospital staff may not know what you are talking about when you ask for PEP but don’t give up. Call a state-based PEP info line and they can sort it out with you. As can your local sexual health clinic.

You can also insist on seeing someone who does know about PEP (like the on call infectious diseases staff member). PEP is available in Australia so make sure you speak up and get what you need.

Sometimes staff members might get caught up on the mechanics of how and why you have sex, particularly when talking about PEP to a trans guy. A good way to clarify with staff is to ask,

“ïs this question directly related to your assessment about if PEP is a good treatment option for me?” You are also not required to disclose to anyone that you are trans.

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