I’ve recently been diagnosed with HIV. Who can I contact for support?

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The best people to give real-world advice about living with HIV are other people living with HIV (PLHIV).

The Institute of Many (TIM) is a peer-run community of people living with HIV that welcomes all trans people. Their Facebook page is here.

PASH.tm can also support you to get the support you need at AIDS Councils and PLHIV organisations. Don’t hesitate to contact us

Next Steps is also a resource for people recently diagnosed with HIV. It covers a range of issues including treatments and monitoring, transmitting and preventing HIV, safe sex, relationships, sexually transmitted infections, your rights, recreational drugs, and having children.

The HIV Tests and Treatments website explains common tests used for monitoring your health, provides information about available treatments, and can help you with your decisions about whether to start HIV treatment.

AFAO’s page for partners, family and friends also contains information and suggestions on how to best support a recently diagnosed loved one.

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