Condoms form a physical barrier to prevent or reduce the exchange of bodily fluids (including pre-cum, cum, anal fluids, front hole fluids and blood) between partners during front hole or anal sex, and when using both a flesh and non-flesh cock. When used correctly, condoms provide a high level of protection against HIV, a range of other STIs and pregnancy. Condoms can occasionally break or slip off though, so when fucking it’s a good idea to occasionally check to make sure that the condom is still on and not broken.

Condoms are pretty easy to get hold of: they can be purchased from supermarkets, chemists—even petrol stations—and you can also pick up packs of condoms and lube from many health services (such as sexual health clinics), sex on premise venues, gay bars, clubs and events.

A step-by-step guide

1. Choose your preferred rubber. Condoms come in lots of different types and sizes, so try and find a type that you like and suits your needs.

2. Look after your condoms. Condoms do expire so check the expiry date before use. They also don’t last well if exposed to heat or direct sunlight.

Then, when you’re ready to rumble:

3. Open the packet carefully. Ripping the corner off it with your teeth could also rip the condom. Try gently pushing the condom to the side of the packet away from your teeth when opening it. Also, avoid accidentally scratching the condom with your nails when you’re putting it on.

4. Make sure you’re holding the condom right way around (i.e. not inside-out).

5. Give the teat of the condom a squeeze to get any air out.

6. If you’re putting the condom onto a flesh cock, don’t apply too much lube to the cock before rolling on the condom as it will make the condom more likely to slide off.

7. Roll the condom all the way down to the base of the cock.

8. Apply lots of water based lube to the outside of the condom, and ideally, inside the ass and/or front hole of the person who is going to be fucked. Reapply regularly if you’re having a long session.

9. When you’re finished fucking, hold on to the condom at the base of the cock as it’s pulled out. You don’t want to lose it up inside the other person.

10. Dispose of the condom in the bin. (Flushing it down the toilet can cause blockages.)

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And finally, it’s important to remember that if you’re fucking with more than one person in the same session, you should change condoms on the flesh or non-flesh cock in between partners. Also make sure that if you’re changing holes, change the condom too.

Other tips & tricks

Some guys find that using condoms interrupts your play or decreases sensitivity. So here’s some tips and tricks that might help: 


1. Keep the condoms handy. Have a couple stashed in your wallet, or your bag or by your bed. Then they’re always around for when you’re getting some action. 


2. Experiment with ways to make putting on a condom a fun or sexy part of sex. Learning how to roll one on using your mouth is a pretty good party trick. 


3. A little bit of lube on the head of the flesh cock before putting on a condom can help increase sensitivity. Lots of lube on the outside of the cock will often make it feel better for the partner getting fucked.


If he doesn’t want to use condoms because he’s never fucked a trans guy before and wants to experience what it feels like, you will need to find the confidence to reassert your boundaries. Don’t be afraid to call it off, there are plenty of other cis guys who will respect your body and sexual health needs.

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We’ve talked a lot about lube, and the first time you go to buy some, you might be surprised by the variety that is there to choose from. What you choose generally comes down to personal preference, but it’s also good to remember that:


1. When using condoms it’s highly recommended to use water or silicone based lubes as they prevent condoms from breaking. Not using any lube, or using oil based lubricants (things like Crisco or butter) will wear down the condoms and makes them easier to break.


2. If you’re using non-flesh cock, check the instructions. Some non-flesh cocks can be broken down by silicone based lube, so you’ll need to stick with the water based stuff.