What is Grunt?

Grunt is about hot, fun, informed sex between trans guys and cis guys. It’s a celebration of who we are and the guys we are into. A space to get accurate, inclusive and sex-positive sexual health information so we can keep it safe, keep it hot, and have awesome sex.

Grunt focuses on the sex and play we have with cis guys because there is very limited information in Australia about how we look after our sexual health as gay, bi and queer trans men. In addition to this, men who have sex with men are disproportionately affected by HIV in Australia, in fact most of the new reported diagnoses each year are among gay-identified men living in our capital cities. When compared to other LBQ/not-straight populations, gay men experience a greater prevalence of STIs as well.  Trans guys have always been part of gay male communities so we need to know this stuff.

If you are a trans guy into other trans guys, Grunt is still for you. The level of HIV and STI risk might be different but as a gay, bi or queer guy, Grunt is a good source for sexual health information.

The term ‘trans’ is used throughout Grunt to refer to people with a gender identity different to what was assigned at birth. For this campaign that means men, trans masc and non-binary people assigned female at birth (including those of us who don’t identify as trans at all).

In seeking the imagery for this resource, no volunteer was turned away and we tried hard to find a diverse mix of shapes, shades, sizes and expressions, we are grateful to the folks who donated their time, comfort-zones and bodies for Grunt.

Grunt is honest and real. It is cheeky, adventurous and sexy. Grunt is you.

Check it out, learn, ask and share.

What is PASH.tm?

The Peer Advocacy Network for the Sexual Health of Trans Masculinities (PASH.tm) is an autonomous and national working group committed to addressing the sexual health needs of gay, bisexual and queer trans men and other trans masculine people assigned female at birth (trans MSM).

PASH.tm was formed as a result of the first ever trans networking zone at the International AIDS Conference, ‘AIDS2014’, held in Melbourne Australia during July 2014. Four trans guys from across Australia got to talking and that turned into the establishment of PASH.tm. There are now six of us on the working group.

With the support of the Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO) and its members, we have continued to build momentum. Since establishment, PASH.tm has presented workshops at major national HIV and STI conferences, presented to HIV and STI action groups and networks.

We have also released position statements on best practice data collection recommendations and on PrEP, submitted recommendations for the NSW and national PrEP access guidelines; the review of the NSW Public Health Act; and the PBS listing of Truvada™ as PrEP, and have now produced Grunt.

Who are we?
We are gay, bi and queer trans men and trans masculine people assigned female at birth with a diverse range of backgrounds spanning across grass roots activism, community organising, health promotion, HIV education, HIV activism, community development, policy, advocacy, project management, public health, resource development, sexual health, alcohol and drugs, media, youth and social work.

What do we believe in?
PASH.tm believes that advocacy, research and health promotion is best served through community engagement and peer-led programs. PASH.tm operates from a space that honours sex positivity, and we work from and contribute to a growing evidence base.

Why is PASH.tm important?
Trans MSM are not identified as a priority population and are largely overlooked when it comes to sexual health promotion and HIV prevention in Australia and globally.

There is limited global and local research about the sexual and risk behaviours of trans men who have sex with cis men, but what we do know is that trans men aren’t targeted with sexual health messaging, risk and harm reduction strategies or actively included in vital research or medical trials which focus on men who have sex with other men. Research also indicates worryingly low rates of HIV and STI testing in all trans masculine populations and an emerging HIV epidemic among trans men who have sex with cis men.

This is why we are here.

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PASH.tm acknowledges AFAO for their support and funding of Grunt.

We acknowledge that all advocacy and community work, all events, presentations, conversations, opportunities and progress are made on Aboriginal land, the sovereignty of which was never ceded. We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples across Australia and particularly elders past, present and future. We acknowledge the unique connection Australia’s first peoples have with land, ocean, lake, air, community and culture. We also acknowledge Brotherboys, Sistergirls and other Indigenous LGBTIQ people and are grateful for their guidance and support in this work.

Thanks also to Morgan Carpenter for the fantastic photography, Ethan Kristy for the awesome design work and The Bearded Tit in Sydney and The Laird in Melbourne for donating their venues for our photo shoots!

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